Our mission statement

Our Mission Statement
We are firm believer in the importance of providing quality care for our local community Absolute Care Homes has gathered a team of industry experts to advise on the building and operating of our new generation of care homes and provide clinical excellence We offer superb living space and an excellent environment for the delivery of real quality nursing care from our team of committed and motivated staff.

The Company’s Philosophy is based upon the belief that the Service Users are entitled to be treated as individuals. We encourage independence, individual choice, consultation about services within the home, and maintaining social choice, e.g. the right to vote. The residents are given the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities and interest.

Aims and Objectives 

Our aims are to offer our residents the opportunity to enhance their quality of life by providing a safe, comfortable homely environment.  This is coupled to our firm belief in creating for all our residents, a strong sense of individuality and freedom, thereby ensuring a great deal of flexibility and personal choice within their residential surroundings.  So ensuring continuity as far as possible, the ways and routine of life to which people have been accu

Boldmere Care Home provides, nursing care support and reassurance, whilst enabling residents to maintain their individuality.

In order to help achieve our aims we recognise that the following values, which for most people contribute to a high standard of care and quality of life, therefore, we endeavour to provide.

  • PRIVACY: The right of every resident to be left alone (at their wish) or undisturbed and to be free from intrusion, or public attention into their affairs.
  • CHOICE:  Every Service User is able to select freely from a range of options.
  • RIGHTS:  Every Service User is able to retain all of their personal entitlements associated with citizenship and is encouraged to maintain and develop close links with the community.
  • FULFILMENT:  The right of every Service User to realise and maintain personal aspirations.
  • DIGNITY:  The right of every resident to be treated as an individual and a valued member of society, regardless of their present circumstances and be treated with respect and dignity. To provide physical and emotional support to residents, and their family and friends.
  • INDEPENDENCE:  The right of every resident to peacefully act and think without reference to another person, even if a small degree of calculated risk is involved and risk assessments are in place.

The team at Boldmere Court will support older adults with cognitive decline due to dementia and related conditions, and older adults with complex nursing needs. The team will seek through careful use of care planning tools and best practice to maximise the quality of life for our clients, through interventions delivered by a well-trained and supported workforce.  All members of our care team will receive specialist dementia training, MAPA training which is redirection, support and guidance by our in-house operation director based at the home.