Meet The Team

Boldmere Court now has one of the strongest and most experienced management teams in the UK.  Kerry Jackson,  Sharon Chatha, and Sherrie-lee Sabini

Kerry the Operations Director and Boldmere Court’s Home Manager and has been managing, leading and developing nursing homes for the past 10 years in the Midlands and joined the team in order to gain both a promotion and help develop Absolute care homes and any future conquests, her drive is providing excellent care while maintaining a homely experience.  Kerry can be found in the front office at Boldmere Court and makes it her mission to ensure she knows all who visit.

Sharon Chatha is the business manager is located within the front of the home and is the responsible person for ensuring your pocket money accounts are maintained and you always have money to spend, Sharon will call relatives, solicitors and social workers to maintain the dignity and independance of our residents at all times.

Sherrie-lee Sabini is our Finance lead & Trainer within the home for 5years and has worked up the career ladder from a carer to management support team. Sherrie supports the care staff with any training requirements. Sherrie  is located at the front of the home to welcome everyone.

All 3 are a formidable team and will ensure Boldmere court becomes a true centre of excellence.

All 3 will take Boldmere into the future develop a home from home to all residents and the word nursing home” to really mean “HOME”

Sharon Chatha









Sherrie-lee Sabini